Monday, June 22, 2015

Trail Work At New Fane

The members of Team Pedal Moraine don’t just ride the local mountain bike trails, they also work to keep the trails open. In the photo above, TPM’s Bill Nigh is using a gas-powered trimmer to knock down some vegetation that was encroaching on the singletrack today at New Fane.

Bill has permission from the Department of Natural Resources to use power equipment to maintain the trails at New Fane and Greenbush. But everyone can help. Something as simple as picking up trash or moving a broken tree branch to the side of the trail goes a long way.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Team Pedal Moraine Update - May 2015

Racing season is well under way, with Team Pedal Moraine hosting the first race of the Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series (WEMS), the Northern Kettles Endurance Challenge, on May 9.  It was a perfect day for a mountain bike race, confirmed by the solid turnout of riders for all 3 races.  Four TPM members were able to jump into the 3 hour race, with Bill Nigh grabbing the 4th place podium spot out of 30 men.

TPM also had solid results at the first WORS race of the year in Iola, on May 3.  Of note, John Hughes placed 2nd in the Male 40-44 Age Group in the Comp division and Larry Hipps landed on the 3rd Place podium step in the Male 50-54 Age Group in the Sport division.

Rhinelander was the site of the second WORS race, on May 17.  Larry Hipps and John Hughes both impressed again, with 2nd place Age Group finishes.

At the second WEMS race – Stump Farm 100, TPM entered 8 riders with Jeff Melcher taking 2nd place in the 60 Mile Solo Men’s race, Bill Nigh finishing 3rd in the 30 Mile Solo Men’s race, and Brittany Nigh and Suzanne Letellier landing in 2nd and 3d place, respectively, in the 30 Mile Solo Women’s race.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

TPM Riders Shine At Cheesehead Roubaix

Jeff Melcher
John Hughes
Steve Cummins
Dave Hanrahan

Friday, March 27, 2015

Cheesehead Roubaix on April 26, 2015

I'll try to keep up with posting some events for Team Member participation that aren't part of WORS, WEMS or WCA. I'll focus on events that tend to have an off road cycling element, and are somewhat local. The first that comes to mind is the 2015 Cheesehead Roubaix. Come on out and support a great event that is promoted by our fellow team mate, Dave Hanrahan. More details can be found on Facebook:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2015 Team Pedal Moraine Gear

For Team Members that placed an order, 2015 Team Pedal Moraine gear is expected to available from Pedal Moraine the week of March 30th.